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Amarulah helps Roberto earn a sum total of over 1 Billion Dollars from streams (Read More)

Zambian Superstar Roberto has entered into the billions club by accumulating a total over 1 Billion Dollars thanks to his smash hit single Amarulah.  

He revealed this informative information on his Facebook page with a caption saying β€œHow you understand the information, is clearly upto you.”

The Zambian superstar has just been inducted into the billions club by his distributor which collects all the revenue he earns from streaming platforms.

According to the knowledge we have, this is how best we can explain this caption – the song β€œAmarulah” has been the top streamed song among all his songs, it has been a catalyst so to say therefore landing him in the billionaires club under his distributor #Tunecore. email us for clarification at [email protected]

Congratulations to the Zambian superstar for this huge milestone and being the first ever Zambian music artist to earn these overall earnings.

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