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Blake Zambia is a liar and a thief – Tamara Nyirongo Ngozi

In 2018 I had an opportunity to interact and do business with this young man, Blake Zambia. Like most people, I knew his music before I knew Yo Maps. Make no mistake, the boy is talented. But… A big BUT for that matter, talent and integrity did not mix in him.

The boy is a liar and in my case a thief too. Long story short, I asked him to make a beat for me that I was going to pay for. He sent samples of the beat and pushed for the money like it was nkongole. My husband sent him the money and waited for him to fulfill his end of the deal. Ala the joy showed me flames. He collected the money and sent beat a few seconds long.

Silly me trusted that I was dealing with an honest chap and headed to the studio. I only discovered how short the beat was when I was already in the studio. I had booked 2hrs($100 per hr) that went in the water.

Tried to get what was mine and the stories started coming…until he decided to block me. I have all the receipts for this whole incident because I wanted to get him arrested when I came to Zambia. Got too busy to remember him and the K400 when I did get to Zambia.

I however did tell him 2 things in my texts (see screen shots). He could’ve been big by now, probably bigger than Yo boy but imisango sha bu crook takes you nowhere in a Christian Nation. Blake you have blocked your own blessings like I told you.

Repent and see how you’ll fly. You won’t have to claim writing a song just because it’s a hit. Do good and good will come back to you. You owe me an apology.
PS: Tag him incase I didn’t get his correct page.

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