Chef 187 Goes Bald “Ba Yubu” (See New Look)

Zambian rapper Chef 187 has caught the attention of fans and media alike with his recent decision to go bald.

Chef 187, known for his distinctive looks, is currently on set shooting a music video for his latest single, “Ba Yubu,” which features fellow Zambian rapper Jemax. The song is taken from his recent album, “Broke Nolunkumbwa,” and has already become a hit with fans.

The music video for “Ba Yubu” is being directed by Lanze Copper, a talented and experienced music video director. A well-produced music video can help to amplify the impact of a song and make it more memorable for fans. With Lanze Copper behind the camera, fans can expect a visually stunning and engaging music video that complements the song’s lyrics and message.

It’s exciting to see Chef 187 continuing to experiment with his appearance and artistic style. Going bald is a bold move that highlights his willingness to take risks and push creative boundaries.