Daev Was Such A Hard Worker Says Wezi

Daev Was Such A Hard Worker Says Wezi

It’s very hard to understand  or accept the death of our beloved ones. Reason being, we always thought that will live forever with them and nothing will do us apart even if death is a whispered topic surrounding this subject.

Every day we lose thousands of people in death some of which we have connections with and some not. when this death-quake strikes. Some news hits us differently according to what memories we have of those who have passed on. Here today, we look at what impact of our beloved sensational vocalist Daev’s death left us.

There’s a a tweet by @Wezi heartsounds posted concerning the ‘’ remembering Daev’’ the post said; ‘’ Daev was such a hard worker! I’m listening to new songs being released collaborations he did with different artists. We lost such a great talent, WHAT A GREAT VOICE!’

First of all, this is not coming from an ordinary person who does not understand the larynx and vocal cords and what magic they can do when someone is talented to sing. And here she picks him as the singer who had a great voice which is very hard to dispute given of the great hits he gave us in the short period of time.

And she also said he was ‘’hard working’’, how? It is noted that Daev did more collaborations than the solo songs in his name. Being on the fast rising stars list, newer artists came to him for a pull up in the lime-lights. And he gave nothing but all he got never underrated anyone despite failing to rap or sing on those songs he was featured.

Surely, we can literally feel what Wezi felt on this day that she had to post about it. LONG LIVE DAEVS MUSIC

Credits: Andrew John Phiri