DJ Mzenga Man Supremacy Album Review By Black Pepper

DJ Mzenga Man Supremacy Album Review By Black Pepper
DJ Mzenga Man Supremacy Album Review By Black Pepper

DJ Mzenga Man Supremacy Album Review By Black Pepper

Track 1 : PERFECT

The song is titled “Perfect” and it brings together Towela Kaira and Bobby East “Daywalker“. This is the second time the two are getting together on a song.

Amazing how DJ Mzenga Man got Bobby to rap again and boy did he do justice with the beat. Also let’s not forget Towela proved yet again that she is a vocal goddess.

Track 2: Memories

Track 2“Memories” features his brother Stevo Rap Guru and Obinali. It’s a story type of song and who else to tell stories better than Stevo? Before this album I had never heard of Obinali , the singer has great potential to make it. Big ups to Mzenga Man for putting him on. The most interesting part about this song is when Stevo reveals that him and Mzenga Man pay each other for their work – professional much

Track 3: Royalty

One thing you can be certain of is King Dizzo will always be on a Mzenga Man album. On this track Slapdee expertly represents “Royalty” as he highlights family, success, love and history throughout his 2 verses. Shutout out to Mr Chazman on the hook.

Track 4: Greatest Of All Time

When I saw Dizmo and Tiye P on this song, it only spelt one thing: BARZ. Tiye P had the best verse for me and when it comes to the whole song, it’s definitely the hook that does it for me, young girl Tammy J did justice on it

Track 5: Sunrise

Slapdee and Obinali combined for “Sunrise”. This jam is effortlessly filled with good vibes. The artists highlight being thankful to people who helped them in life for them to reach this far.

Slapdee with the verses supplemented by Obinali without vocals on the hook.

Track 6: Around You

The vocal goddess Towela Kaira joins forces With King Marker Koby. The song is full of love vibes that you need to share with a special somebody. Koby constantly switches from rapping to singing on this song. “Around you” is a ringtone or dedication to someone type of song.

Track 7: Legend

The Song “Legend” brings back Zone Fam vibes. The song features TIM, Dope G, Yung Verbal and headphone Music signee Flexvile Marley. All 3 verses and the hook perfectly came together to create magic, hella impressiv

Track 8: Supremacy

This song not only caries the album title “Supremacy” but the song also tells Dj Mzenga Man story Through Mag44 and XYZ Entertainments singer Jorzi on the hook thanks God for how far his gotta them with music thing and Mag44 cleverly manipulates while sharing a story at the same time. The last past contains Mzenga Man vocals, I urge you to listen to this one.

Track 9: Legacy

Tiye P, Teliq and and RnB icon Izrael join forces for this song titled “Legacy”. The song talks about living a legacy and the rappers try to bring out out that in their verses. It’s a beautiful song by the way.

Track 10: Moment

For this Song Mzenga Man Managed to put together 3 Rappers Dizmo , SmaQ and Bmak and who better to deliver the Hook then Yo Maps himself. In my opinion Bmak had the best verse of 3, at some point he references a line from Eminem.

Track 11: Fire Emojiz

This is just one of two songs that had only 1 artist featuring. The song is called “Fire Emojiz” and Mzenga Man trust Jae Cash to bring the heat with this one. Throughout most of his verses and the pre hook too, the rapper constantly praises and emphasizes the importance of money. The rhyme scheme is impeccable

Track 12: Icon

This song is called “Icon” and it features two icons in the making, TIM and the king of RnB, F Jay. Tim yet again puts the the kingdom first when he glories God through his whole verse that ends with a call to saved right at the end of the verse. I felt the song should have had a second verse at least though.

Track 13: Tebwafya Bwandi

This is the last but not the least song on the album. Danny kaya comes through with a song titled “Tebwafya Bwandi”.

The man has been in this music business for years and this song still proves that he hasn’t lost his authenticity when it comes to his approach of music. The song takes you back to the good old day.


Stream Supremacy below