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Emily Hakoola – Sunsets Video

Emily Hakoola – Sunsets Video

Rising Zambian artist Emily Hakoola has just released the music video for her latest single, “Sunsets.”

The track, produced by Legend’Son, showcases Hakoola’s vocal prowess and songwriting skills, while the self-directed video adds a personal touch to this heartfelt song.

“Sunsets” is a deeply emotional song that delves into themes of longing and communication in a relationship. Emily Hakoola’s expressive lyrics capture the vulnerability and confusion of not understanding why a loved one is distant.

The song’s soothing melody and Hakoola’s soulful voice create a poignant listening experience that resonates with anyone who has faced uncertainty in a relationship.

Quotable Lyrics

The song’s lyrics convey a mix of confusion and a plea for clarity:

I don‘t know darling, I don’t know Why you just don‘t wanna be close to me… To me If I hurt you then let me know, but only the sun‘s got to go So please…. So please conversate with me

These lines highlight the desire for open communication and the need to address underlying issues in a relationship, metaphorically suggesting that like the setting sun, problems should also be resolved and not left to linger.

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