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Even Though We have ma na KB, Sininga Mupontele – Jae Cash

Even Though We have ma na KB, Sininga Mupontele - Jae Cash
Even Though We have ma na KB, Sininga Mupontele - Jae Cash
Written by Chaoh

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The showbiz has a lot of twist and turns for an average Joe to understand, literally.
Most of these artists especially rappers, are coming out in the open to air out their stories while they were on the come up and those that want to make it to the lime lights. Some claims have gone unnoticed and for most of these stories, they have just slipped under our nose when we were too busy ‘’not trying’’ to know what the artists story was.

After the series of ‘’diary’’ by KB, it has given a platform to these artists to speak out. Some have listed it as being controversial or simply because KB might be an attention seeker.

Off late, D Jonz has spoken about not being appreciated for the contribution he has done to most of these big hip hop artists and upcoming rappers in his song dubbed ‘’ Burning Bridges’’.

But today, our focus is on Jae Cash, the kid with a new album out, ‘’ Chawama – John-Howard’’ which is almost on the blink of record breaking. But one thing that has captured our attention is track number 05 dubbed ‘’ My Life a Movie’’ featuring T-Sean his former crew mate from Young  Energy Movement. A team that KB had stitched involving also Alpha Romeo of now XYZ, Juvic who has gone in the dungeon musically, and Brisky.

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In the song,  the rapper starts by talking about his earlier life, he puts an impressive lines as expected and well-arranged story line about how music was his first priority and not school. After which, fans from Chawama that have been following him for so long will remember that he was in a crew with the likes of childhood friends Nyalazi and others.

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However, the most eye catching line is when he mentioned that ‘’ Even Though We have ma issues ye siyazibika na KB, Sininga Ponte coz” of the platform that he gave me’’ implying that they have not been in good terms with KB off late though it’s not worth mentioning to the world. We see him here still giving respect to KB but at the same time opening a can of worm that leaves much to be desired.

KB has been allowing rappers to steam off in his diaries and rappers have not held back to whomever they had to talk about, now, here is what fans will demand from Jea  Cash. To elaborate more, because obviously KB will not mind. But we want to hear more of this story. And surely will get the answers


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