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In the early 2004 and late 2005 obviously we enjoyed the likes of Dark side and other Hip Hop artists that where coming up back then on the Hip Hop scene of Zambia. Little by little we were drifting from the Kalifunku music genre when the “Black Muntu” broke out.

The Hits by Dark side were everywhere. And surely as the generation of that time we were on the new wave. Most of us would remember the hits like “Ka wolala ” which made waves on major radio stations. In 2006, our attention switched to the new kid on the block. Which is none other than King Dizzo himself. Slapdee had the new style, new message and was only 19 years old. With that said. What proper introduction can be given to the deserving king?

The birth names are Mwila Musonda, more widely known by his stage name Slapdee (also stylized as Slap D) is a Zambian Hip Hop and rap musician. Having won multiple awards since his debut in 2006, he is often regarded one of the pioneers of Zambian Hip-Hop.

I think that’s a deserving intro. So His musical career began in 2006 when he was discovered by radio promoter Sync and released his first album, entitled ‘Asembe Isebenza‘. However, due to the record label’s terms, the album was only released on cassette, rather than CD. Asembe Isebenza was a hit single which was recorded β€˜Chilo East’ and the producer by then was Davy D.

Nobody can expect that the boy from Matero can be the game changer! Since his activities in the showbiz, Slapdee has received nominations and awards, including the 2009 Ngoma Music Award for best hip hop artist, AFRIMM Award nomination(s) for Best Male (artist) Southern Africa, 9 ZMA awards for best male and hip hop artist, and six Sun FM Kwacha Music Awards.

Early life

Mwila Musonda was born on the 27th of April 1987 in Zambia. After his parents and brother died when he was young, Slapdee lived with his auntie, who moved around the country for work. He attended schools in Zambia, Botswana, and South Africa before moving to the Southern Province back in Zambia where he attended high school with fellow musician Hamoba. During high school, the two spent time making music. Slapdee later moved to Lusaka, where he made friends with videographer and now-fellow rapper Macky 2.Did you know that  Macky 2 was once a counterpart of slap before the feud and biffing

Slapdee then decided to form his own record company to support the growth of the local hip-hop and music scene, entitled XYZ Entertainment which he says stands for “Xample Yapa Zambia“, meaning “Example of Zambia” translated to English from the Zambian languages Bemba/Nyanja. Some of the musicians originally signed to the record label included his friends Ruff Kaida and the two made a number of hit songs together, however Ruff Kid later left the crew.


International Collaborations

Slapdee, who is still the reigning king, has collaborated with a lot of international big artists. The likes of Partoranking from Nigeria on a song called “Lituation” which also featured the sensational Deav Zambia, a young talented singer who is winning the hearts of his fans.


Slapdee has also collaborated with Busiswa. Busiswa is a South African singer-songwriter and poet. Slapdee and Busiswa did a song called called “Ndize“(under the Coke Studios) and the two have teamed up on a new record tagged Savuka.


Other notable international collaboration is with Tay Grin of Malawi in a hit song called ” Sinizakusiya alongside the late P Jay who was also signed under XYZ Entertainment .


Today we recognise and give the reigning king his deserving title for the musical, rap pioneer of Zambian music and beyond boarders. Today, he’s helped a lot of young upcoming to reach the top. The likes of Stevo (the rap guru), Bobby East (Day walker), Johnny cee (the captain), to mention but a few. We surely await more kingship moves from the king himself as he’s still marking his territory.



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