J.O.B Says Some Of His Friends Can’t Give Him A Feature

J.O.B Says Some Of His Friends Can't Give Him A Feature
J.O.B Says Some Of His Friends Can't Give Him A Feature

Interesting To See Y’all Feature Each Other On Songs And Yet Ise Mukana – J.O.B

When the lime lights are fading, even the person with the biggest eye balls will struggle to see clearly. This is a case of one of the biggest artist and now drowning in the abyss of not being noticed, his music has been the “keep it on the shelf will get to it later” type and is just there gathering dust like everyday was its August.

It’s sad to Admit that J.O.B ‘s songs has hit rock bottom and his feeling the pain, the fame that used to chase after him, has turned the tables and now he is chasing after it. Can he pull this one out?

Well, a check at his recent posting on social media indicates that he is being rubbished by his quote and quote friends!!! And we can’t dispute to point a finger at Bobby East because that’s the only friend we know better of him. J.O.B was a collaborator of Bobby East at Blazer entertainment and best came on the scene with hits after hits.

Though J.O.B took more of afro pop genre, Bobby East was a hip hop artist. Things might have soured between the two when Bobby moved from blazer to xyz and became very successful even taking the role of a CEO at the record label. Then a biff rose between the two but eventually reconciled.

When we expected that things would get better, J.O.B has yet again posted that some of his friends don’t even answer or return his texts.