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Hip-hop artist K.R.Y.T.I.C has partnered with Afrishop to launch The Day One Edition package with Afrishop, following the release of his latest Album – Vision.K.R.Y.T.I.C’s third album, VISION, is predominantly about re-identifying with the idea of being African. At surface level it documents the journey of a rapper attempting to create a lane for soulful music in Zambia and is holistically a think-piece on how Africans view themselves in 2020, Unless you know who you are you cannot fully understand your purpose. I hope to show the African youth that the more of us that have clear VISION the better our chances of winning our fight,” he enthuses.

Since the early 90s Zambian Hip Hop has grown from strength to strength. This would have not been possible without the effort of a group of people that chose to support it with everything they had. If you are one of these people, this is for you.”The Day One Edition consists of a CD and bespoke t-shirt available for 48hr delivery.#

Meanwhile, Afrishop CMO and Co-Founder luluhaangalawood has expressed that this partnership another example of Afrishop’s commitment to contributing to the creative industry.“This is my way of contributing to an industry I love, by providing creatives with opportunities to do more with their brands. As Afrishop, we’re excited for the opportunity to help creatives monetize their brands at a different level.”VISION comes after last year’s release of the Imiti Ikula album which boasts such tracks as ’07 Buzzin’ and ‘Great North Road Flows’.

About AfrishopAfrishop is an e-commerce hub offering affordable and quality shopping to Africa through shopping and affordable logistics and sourcing services. This e-shop provides a more convenient and affordable delivery service for consumers to buy quality goods from China and also provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to buy in bulk or customize goods in bulk at wholesale price. The Afrishop app is available on Google Play store, Apple Store and Huawei.

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