Kekero Calls Slapdee Flip Flopping King Who Demeans Education

A few hours ago , Mwila Musonda popularly known as Slapdee posted a photo of himself on his Facebook page with the caption “Your Degree Is Just A Piece Of Paper, Your Education Is Seen In Your Behaviour“.

See screenshot below!

This did not reach well to some music fans. some said he was demeaning the value of education. Slapdee then added a comment on his photo which said ” Dear degree holders, this is not meant to undermine anyone with an education rather to encourage them to marry it with good behavior. No one is insulting your academic success. Remember money is also just a piece of paper. Feel free to read again

Kekero didn’t like how this was handled hence called Slapdee a Flip Flopping King who demeans education