Macky 2 Ghetto President album review ahead of new album Olijaba

Macky 2 Ghetto President album review ahead of new album Olijaba

HIP HOP artiste Macky 2, who last released his album in 2018 called Ghetto President, has finished working on his album which he has titled Olijaba.

Macky 2 says he is targeting the international stage with his new album having done almost everything on the local front.

As we are waiting for the new sound from king buga we review how the last album was;

Intro (Prod. By Dj Hector Gold)

Ghetto president album kicked off with an ardent intro where Macky 2 delivered an high rated bars full of truth reminding the people in power to sensitize on the issues romping the youth in this country.

My Story ft. Daev (Prod. By Starsh)

The record on number two(2) in the last released album is a song going out to mediums that are talking on behalf of the controversial rapper Macky 2, he featured the late XYZ singer on this to help him successfully deliver this record. #RIPDAEVZAMBIA

We Shall Raise (Prod. By Dj Bugar)

Every-time we sleep it’s known for a fact that We shall raise again is a packed jam with hope with a courageous massage assisted by his diverse ability of flava – boy.

Pay back ft. Will Mr Nyopole & Nemo (Prod. By Drew)

In Pay Back Macky 2 stated in his vocal with helping vocals of Willz and Nemo, the song talks about him being inpatient about his money while mixing some trap on this one. It’s a wild jam fosho.

Isa Kuno ft. Jemax (Prod. By Dj Bugar)

The sweet flow song featured nexus signed artist Jemax who added his flow on the Dj Bugar made beat, he ends on the song with giving out shout out to the people he rose with just when he was riding to his stardom ship.

Bring It Back ft. Chef 187 (Prod. By Shinko & Dj Bugar)

The song is A certified hit performed by the well known artists/ brothers macky 2 and Chef 187.

Money (Prod. Dj Hector & Dj Bugar)
Like we all know money has become hard to find but the song elaborates how many make people out their take or treat you like trash when they have racks.

Mwenze Kuti ft. Dope & Jorzi (Prod. By Starsh)

Like we all know Every body deserves to celebrate their life after having earned money bro and Macky 2 in this one he states that celebrating his life after pulling through from poverty from the slugs he featured Dope G & Jorzi on this one.

Throw Back (Iye Mayo) (Prod. By Cream Dollar)

When you’re coming up not everyone believes in you and Macky 2 looks back into the times when every one couldn’t believe him, at times when he was jointing on paper looking for a hit song.

Everything Is Better ft Izreal (Prod.By Kekero & Dj Bugar)

After his come everything has become better As he paved a way to the riches the song has help from the legendary art Izreal.

Get Out ft. Camstar & Badman Shapi (Prod. By Dj Hector Gold)

The track which is on 11 in the album Macky 2 spits hard core vocals on the jam y’all know he featured Camstar & 1/3 of Urban Hype “Badman Shapi” its a bouncy trap record.

Never Let You Go (Prod. By Ghetto President)

As we know for sure you’ll never let go of Macky 2’s songs, the song was an insanely afro pop fusion

Ami ft. Mumba Yachi (Prod. By Dj Bugar)

These days not everyone believed in Mumba Yachi but the pop artist had a version and Macky saw it and tagged him
It’s a fabulous masterpiece

Paka Kumanda ft. Daev (Prod. By Stash)

Stash produced track has a catchy vibe and had laka verses from the art it also featured the late Daev Zambia, still on the production the king went all in and out, the song lastly featured Silent Music entertainments affiliated act/ KMP’s Drifta Trek.

Father (Prod. By Solomon Plate)

Being a hippop God father Macky 2 brought a pure Christian song in the album, macky calls out the lord Father of all the above and reminds his hater’s his anointed.

Ghetto Presidente (Prod. By Cream Dollar & Yikes)

Being a G-President Macky 2 shout outs the local areas in the song its masterpiece where can relate The late cream dollar was part of the production.

Zambian Glory (Prod. Dj Bugar)

We always say Macky is spiritual none of you believe us!
Macky 2 brought something epic you better listen to it we can’t say much .

Umutima Wandi ft. Ephraim & NJamba

Being a album filled with every genre Umutima Wandi is featuring Ephraim & Njamba and this is the only song that was put out as a single before the album dropped and it was produced by Kekero.

OUTRO ft. F Jay

The first few bars in this one are phenomenal and featured F Jay,
It’s outro before you cancel the web tag please click on the search bar and download the songs God bless y’all

Macky2 is currently the best rapper in Zambia. Born as Mulaza Kaira, he picked up the stage name Macky2 when he dipped into the music industry, and he has grown to become one of the most respected artists in Zambia.

Macky 2 is known for being versatile as he can produce, sing, and deliver the raps when required.