Ndine Emma Dumps Vubwi For Gezile (See Evidence)

Ndine Emma Dumps Vubwi For Gezile (See Evidence)

It is always a beautiful sight to see 2 birds of the same feathers flying in a perfect form that shows united & coordination as they make their way to the nest where love dwells. But it seems Ndine Emma does not share the same value as of such standards as he dumps Vubwi for Gezile

Just a few months as the young comic couple shared Online their love story in its Genesis, which has skipped a few chapters as in jumps to Revelations in a snap. 

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Some shocking Revelations have surfaced Online telling the whole world that Ndine Emma has been sneaking behind Vubwi to chew Gezile. The young man seems to have enjoyed more than he expected & wants the whole meat, a move that has resulted into dumbing Vubwi.

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