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Newly wedded Zambian couple fight outside church after exchanging vows

The incident has caused shock and confusion among social media users, with many questioning the bride’s actions and motives. In the video, the groom can be seen trying to defend himself while the bridal party looks on in shock and dismay.

The church has also come under criticism for not providing better security and for allowing such a disruptive incident to occur during a sacred ceremony.

This incident raises questions about the dynamics of the couple’s relationship and the possible underlying issues that led to such a public display of aggression. It is important to note that violence in any form is not acceptable, especially in a marital relationship.

It’s important to encourage the couple to seek counseling and support to help them address and resolve any issues they may be facing in their relationship. And also its important to note that, in the midst of all this, the couple’s feelings and the sanctity of their union should be considered.

It is also a reminder that individuals should take responsibility for their actions and the consequences that come with them. And that all parties involved should show more respect and consideration for the sanctity of marriage and the feelings of those involved.

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