Nexus, Kalandanya Music Signed Wrong Artists – K’Chinga

K’Chinga has become the latest artist to loosen up lips about the management of Zambian music & its wrongs, he aired his views on The Official Buzz interview with Camster

K’Chinga wondered why these labels are signing established artists while young & upcoming artists drown in their shadows & never got to see the limelight.

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 ”When these labels came in, I wanted to part of one, but then I was like damn, they are signing the wrong guys… imagine signing a new wave kid like Natasha Chansa, & putting in money they put in these big artists” The rapper stretched 

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He also went on to say, it would have been better if Nexus Music invested in Neo than Yo Maps

K’Chinga went blunt to say, the management is the problem in the Zambian Music Industry, one that should be addressed soon

Watch Full Interview Below: