Nexus Music Signs Afunika

Nexus Music Entertainment Ltd has signed Afunika to the label. Lookout for new music videos and music under Nexus Music. Afunika (birth name Frank Chirwa) is a Zambian musician who hails from the Copperbelt, Chingola.

Born and raised in Chingola in 1985, his image and charisma is brought out in his music dubbed ‘New Version of Kalindula’. He set off his music career under the shadows of Danger Zone studios which at the time, was being popularised by Baska Baska as main producer. It was at this very time that Dandy Krazy made a serious impact on the Zambian musical scene with the ‘Not Guilty’ début album.

He has so far recorded four albums to his name. Some of the albums include ‘Malinso’, ‘Wounded Buffalo’ and ‘Ichimusebo’. Within a few months of the release of his second album, he was already performing in South Africa, the U.K., in neighboring countries and many other local outlets. His unique and dedicated stage performances become his main attraction. At that stage, he also exposed his production skills working closely with his Lusaka-based brother, known as “Sonny Brex” under their label Bravo Records. His good lyrical composition of songs and excellent stage acts by his dancing queens further catapulted his fame and earned him local and international shows.

Hits like ‘Kakonkote’, ‘Darling’, ‘Ba DJ-Chikokoshi’ and collaborations such as ‘Mami’ featuring Macky2, ‘Iciselema’ and ‘Mukansende’ with Chikowise not forgetting ‘Toya Toya’ with Eric, placed him in a league as big as that of JK, Exile, PJ and many lead vocalists at the time in Zambia.

He has collaborated with some of Zambia’s greatest artists in the music business. He has performed extensively all over Zambia and internationally. His unique stage performance and sizzling dancing queens has become one of his trademarks with his audiences

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