Nez Long’s wife is beautiful and i decided to be his girlfriend – Xaven (See Details)

Xaven Defends Her Relationship with Nez Long: How to Deal with Social Media Trolls

Xaven has come out  publicly to defend herself from social media users who have been trolling her for dating rapper Nez Long

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, allowing us to connect with people around the world and share our experiences. Unfortunately, it can also be a platform for negativity, with some people using it to harass and troll others.

Xaven, a social media influencer, recently found herself the target of trolls after she came out publicly to defend her relationship with rapper Nez Long when a troll claimed that Nez has gone back to his wife.

Kopala Queen said she has no problem been the girlfriend to Nez Long because the rapper explained everything to her before they started dating.

Furthermore, Despite the trolls’ comments, Kopala Queen did not allow their negativity to affect her because she understood that their behavior had nothing to do with her.

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