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Petersen Zagaze Hails Tonko Stick’s Epic Verse on New Wave Cypher

Petersen Zagaze, a well-respected figure in the Zambian music industry, has enthusiastically endorsed Tonko Stick’s verse on DJ Mzenga Man‘s New Wave Cypher, giving it his seal of approval.

This endorsement carries significant weight, as Petersen Zagaze reputation and experience make his opinion highly valued within the music community.

Expressing his admiration for Tonko Stick‘s performance, Petersen Zagaze took to his Facebook page to share his thoughts with his loyal fan base. In doing so, he not only expressed his own admiration but also engaged with his fans, creating an open dialogue about the remarkable talent showcased by Tonko Stick in the cypher.

Petersen Zagaze’s inability to move on from Tonko Stick‘s verse for several consecutive days demonstrates the lasting impact it had on him.

It’s clear that Tonko Stick’s lyrical abilities and delivery left a profound impression on Petersen Zagaze, prompting him to share his excitement and appreciation with his followers.

He wrote β€œWhen they all jumped on that cypher, they thought he was average kanshi Muntu IQ is on another level……

Watch the Cypher: DJ Mzenga Man – New Wave Cypher 2023

Also check out screen shots, and share a thought.

In another post he share.

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