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Phyzix ft. Vinchenzo, Dizmo, Pon G & Vinchenzo – Wife Material Remix

Phyzix is not your average hip-hop artist. He’s a trailblazer, a game-changer, and a mogul in the making and Wife Material Remix proves just that.

Phyzix has continued has journey on the Malawian music scene and has been making headlines with his chart-topping single Wife Material, Tina and many other hits.

But what really sets him apart is his boldness and willingness to take risks. When he released “Wife Material” in 2022, he knew it was a hit, but he also knew that he wanted to take it to the next level. That’s why he’s teamed up with two of Zambia’s hottest artists, Dizmo and Vinchenzo, to create a remix that’s sure to set the music world on fire.

The collaboration is a match made in hip-hop heaven. Dizmo, who’s known for his raw and unfiltered lyrics, is the perfect complement to Phyzix‘s smooth flow. And Vinchenzo, with his unique blend of Afro-pop and rap, adds a whole new dimension to the track.

But what’s really exciting about the remix is the fact that it’s not just about the music. It’s about breaking down borders and bringing people together. It’s about celebrating the rich diversity of African culture and showing the world what can happen when we come together.

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