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Reviewing The Last Week’s Social Buzz On Zedscoop

Reviewing The Last Week’s Social Buzz On Zedscoop

Social Buzz: As we all know, every dog has it’s days & so as Weeks having some unique days in no particular order. As we get to review Week 34 of 2023, we will get to the juicy stories that trended.

If you happened to miss any of the Social Buzz, do not worry, like always we’ve got you covered. Let us begin to break down the stories from top to bottom

3. Chile One Mrzambia Accused Of Stealing 40 Pin ( Watch Video Here)

Though the other side of the story has not been told yet, but this story hit the Social Buzz hard. Everyone was just talking about how the singer appeared in the video.

2. Pompi & Esther Chungu Welcome Their First Born Child (See Photos)

This was the sweetest news that was featured in the Social Buzz. The couple’s new baby brought joy to their fan base who also jokingly gave the baby some names.

1. BrokenHill Emmy Dropped A New Video Dubbed Background 

As a regular on this segment, BrokenHill is one unique talented artist who taking art to the next level. This video just proves his level of creativity.

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