Rich Bizzy Proposes to Star Kasazi Lungu, Sparks Controversy and Infidelity Debate

The recent confession of love by Rich Bizzy, a Kalandanya Music Promotions-signed artist, for TikTok sensation Kasazi Lungu has taken a shocking turn as he proposed to her on her birthday.

Despite being a married man, Rich Bizzy went public with his feelings for the social media star and took it a step further by proposing to her. This bold move has left many fans and critics in shock and has sparked a lot of reactions online.

Many are questioning the singer’s actions and the implications of his proposal on his personal and professional life.

The reaction of his wife is not known yet, but it’s expected to be very negatively as the proposal is a clear indication of infidelity and betrayal. This scandalous revelation has sparked heated discussions and debates online, and many are curious to see how this situation will play out and what the consequences will be for