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Shenky ft. Yo Maps – Money Locate Me

Zambia’s music scene is set to get a new hit with the release of Shenky’s latest single, “Money Locate Me”.

The award-winning artist, Shenky signed to Kalandanya Music Promotions, has teamed up with popular artist Yo Maps to create what is expected to be another chart-topping anthem.

Shenky, who is known for his unique sound and catchy lyrics, has built a solid reputation as one of Zambia’s most talented musicians.Β 

Money Locate Me” promises to be another great addition to Shenky‘s catalogue. The song features his trademark sound and is elevated by the addition of Yo Maps‘ international flavor. The track speaks to the universal desire for financial success and the pursuit of wealth, making it an anthem that is sure to resonate with listeners across Zambia and beyond.

Fans of Shenky and Yo Maps have already expressed their excitement for the upcoming release, with many anticipating another hit from the dynamic duo. The collaboration between the two artists is expected to result in a fresh and unique sound that showcases the best of both their talents.

As anticipation builds for the release of “Money Locate Me“, music lovers across Zambia and beyond will be eagerly waiting to hear what Shenky and Yo Maps have in store.Β 

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Listen to snippet below

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