Super Kena Abatalali issue a warning to Sean E. Tembo (Watch)

Super Kena Abatalali calls out Sean E. Tembo for hating on him

On March 12th, Zambia celebrated Youth Day, a public holiday that recognizes the important role young people play in the country’s development. To mark the occasion, President Hakainde Hichilema visited the Copperbelt, a province in Zambia known for its mining industry and vibrant arts scene. Super Kena Abatalali

During his visit, the President met with several notable figures, including  socialite Super Kena. A video of their encounter went viral on social media, showing Super Kena being lifted up by the President.

The video quickly became a topic of conversation, with many people sharing their thoughts and opinions. Notable figures like Sean E. Tembo also weighed in on the matter, leading Super Kena to respond in a video message.

In his response, Super Kena thanked the President for the opportunity to meet him and expressed his admiration for the President’s leadership. He also addressed Tembo’s remarks, stating that everyone is entitled to their opinion and that he hopes to use his platform as an artist to contribute positively to the country’s development.

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