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Zambia Izavina Hits 500,000K On Boomplay

Zambia Izavina Hits 500,000K Streams On Boomplay

Another record breaking for Chanda Na Kay in their debut album the Zambia Izavina on Boomplay hitting more than 500,000 streams in less than 24hrs. The rap duo have expressed appreciations towards their fans after they received the album with a lot of positivities. Chanda

Chanda Na Kay ft. James Sakala - Dior Mp3

Chanda Na Kay ft. James Sakala – Dior Mp3

Fresh off the new album by Chanda Na Kay dubbed Zambia Izavina is: Dior which features Legendary Guitarist/vocalist & songwriter James Sakala The song talks about the new fashion in secular trends which should not define one’s social status in the community. Chanda Na Kay