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Teacher Jack : Letter To My Unborn Daughter

I must say that the coming of a child often brings about joy to many. In some communities, this event is marked by abrupt celebrations. Cerebrations are even more intense when it is a first born child. Well, the wish of many men is to have not just a child but a girl child. The excitement is indeed enormous and unmatched. However this is not the case in my scenario. I received the news of you coming with a double mind partial sadness.

Two months ago, I received the news of your coming from your mother. I must admit that I was in deep shock because in as much as I was expecting you to come someday, I was not expecting you to come this soon.  Your mom and i felt that your coming caught us unaware as we were frightened about what life we would create for you. Questions surrounding our thoughts such as what you would eat or wear?, which school you would go to?, how our lives would be with you around and what environment you would grow in went unswered  for months.

To be honestly with you, I feel that you should not come into the world now. Not just because of our mental and financial unpreparedness but also for your own safety from this cruel environment. In my old age, I may have never been to heaven where you are coming from but I’ve read about it and I feel heaven is more peaceful and comforting with God and the angels around where you won’t stress about love and relationships, politics and religion.  Where you won’t have to fight tribalism and racism, where there is no natural disaster or poverty. From the little knowledge I have about heaven, I assume there are no inequalities or corruption while jealousy, envy and hatred are major absentees. In heaven, gluttony is unknown and unheard of and humility and not hubris (pride) is the order of the day and where kindness and love for God and each other prevails all the time.

How I wish you would not come into this world that will corrupt your mind and take away all your innocence, the world that knows no right and truth but lies and hatred for each other. Where people have lost love for each other and have developed love for money and material things to an extent of killing one another to gain prestige. Oh my little one how I wish you can come blind and deaf so that you won’t have to see or hear the hatred and evil of this world.

My dear daughter, given power, I would make you dump so your mouth may never for once utter evil. How I wish you would die with the innocence you will be born with, so that you may never know sin. In my own regard I would make you non responsive to the feelings of the world so you would not know sexual immorality. I just wish you would not be born so you can avoid all the evil that the world is experiencing today.

Nonetheless, I would seem selfish and unreasonable to say you should not be born in order to avoid all the evils of this cruel world. Since I have no capability to prevent you from coming into this world, may you be born and come and witness the world yourself.

Who knows, maybe God is giving us you so you could come and redeem some people from evil? Maybe your coming would give hope to those who have lost it, grant peace to those who are troubled, to fill the hearts of people with love those whose hearts have known only hatred. Maybe you will bring kindness to some of the souls that have lost it.  Who I am to say you should not come into the cruel world of which maybe God has a special purpose for you for his people?

That said my daughter, my only wish is that in spite of all my thoughts , I just wish when you come into the world you could give all that you were created to give to the world. I hope when you come, you will not just exist but live a full life. I hope you become kind to all human beings and respect each and every person, race, religion and other people’s opinions as people are human beings first before they have a race, religion or have their divergent opinions. I advise you to love God and everyone else. Please be kind to all whether rich or poor, beautiful or ugly (if there is ever such a person who is ugly because I know none), treat the young with the same respect you will give to elders and have no favourites as I urge you to have equality for all humans. My daughter, no matter how educated or rich or even beautiful you become, hubris (excess pride) should never be a part of you, always stay humble as the saying goes “pride goes before the fall.”

To be frank with you, I can spend years writing you what you should and should not do when you come on earth, but the truth is that you may never even experience any of what I’ve written because God may choose a different path for you than he chose for me. Maybe your experience will be your better teacher than teacher JACK (your father) may be to you. However, no matter what you go through, you should never lose track of God and all his commands and always remember to thank him in Good and in bad times.

Lastly though, this may sound absurd coming from a father but I just have to tell you. You being my first child and daughter for that matter, I will never name you. I will reserve a chance for you to name yourself when you come off age to do so. Until then, you shall only be identified with a special number TWENTY THREE (23) and your surname till the time you give yourself a name. This is just to show you appreciation for being my daughter. Your mom and I love you so much and will tell you more soon in the next letter.



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