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Tommy D Reveals He and Slapdee ‘Dated Same Girl’ (See Who)

Tommy D, the legendary Zambian rapper, dropped a bombshell in the hip-hop community when he revealed in a song called “Inyeke” that he and fellow rapper Slapdee had dated the same girl back in the day. This revelation sent shockwaves through the industry, as fans and fellow artists alike tried to piece together the details of this juicy gossip.

Some speculated that this revelation may have been the root cause of the bitter rivalry between the two rappers during the Kopala and XYZ beef days. Others wondered if the girl in question had been aware of the situation, and how she might feel about being the subject of such a public controversy.

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Regardless of the truth behind the rumor, one thing was clear: Tommy D had reignited the flames of an old feud with Slapdee, and the hip-hop community was buzzing with anticipation over what might come next. Would Slapdee retaliate with his own diss track? Would Tommy  elaborate on the story in future songs?

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