Watch How Scammers Made Fake Accounts Of James Ndambo Gary Nkombo & Sylvia Masebo To Steal Money From People

Scammers are getting more sophisticated by the day & unsuspecting people get caught up in the web putting their money on the line which disappears into thin air. It is so sad that they also implicate people like Gary Nkombo, James Ndambo & sylvia Masebo in their sick schemes & dents their names.

The Zambian Police working hand in hand with ZICTA released a video showing the 2 young men confessing to creating fake Social Media accounts to steal people’s money. The scammers explained how this was done & how many accounts they created. 

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This should be a further warning to many people out there, that these scammers are evolve to evade your suspicions, & as such one should keep their eyes peeled for any for any form of public figures trying to solicitator money from them

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