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Woman Aborts A Baby After A Man Who Impregnated Her Died In A Road Accident

Woman Aborts A Baby After A Man Who Impregnated Her Died In A Road Accident

There was chaos in Lusaka after it was discovered that a woman was made to abort a baby after the man who impregnated her was involved in a fatal road accident. Witnesses explained that the man in question had accepted the pregnancy but had no financial capacity to care for the lad hence she lived with her parents.

Sadly the same man was involved in a road accident that killed him on the spot & was later buried. When the family sort to look for comfort in his unborn child in hopes that the baby would somehow bear resemblance to its father which can bring closure the family, only to find the lady in a state that seemed she was no longer carrying the baby.

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When asked about the condition of the baby, the mother replied in a calm voice that the baby was with his father which confused the grieving family. It only took one elderly woman to decode the words of the young lady of what she meant. 

This angered the family who started exchange words with the other family who who confirmed that there was no one to care for the baby & could not keep a baby who would have a father when he is born. 

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