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Yo Maps Will Deal With The Joking Baby Mama In Court

Yo Maps Will Deal With The Joking Baby Mama In Court

In a surprising turn of events, a woman will face court consequences for a joke about Yo Maps that went too far.

She posted a picture of her child, claiming in jest that the child resembled Yo Maps, the internationally renowned Zambian superstar singer, and suggested he was the father.

The post quickly went viral, spreading widely across social media and eventually reaching Yo Maps, who was celebrating Father’s Day at the time.

The timing and nature of the joke did not sit well with him, and he expressed his displeasure, stating that he does not appreciate such jokes, especially when they harm his reputation.

Consequently, Yo Maps has decided to take legal action against the woman for bringing his name into disrepute.

Yo Maps is currently looking for the lady or baby mama to deal with her in court. Will report more on this developing story soon.

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