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Aqualaskin shares why he left Tina “Baby Mama” & announces 30K Booking Fee (Listen)

Aqualaskin shares why he left Tina “Baby Mama” & announces  30K Booking Fee (Listen)

Aqualaskin has dropped a new single dubbed God Did (DJ Khaled) cover and on the song the rapper has addressed some issues and one of them been the reason why he broke up with the baby mama.

Speaking on the song he wrote – “Don’t get it twisted fam this is not a diss but a warning ⚠️“

Download the song HERE!

Made baby mama woke She started sleeping on me Reason we ain’t never made That holy matrimony Tried to stop a n#gga check Talking I should pick But love don’t mean sh#t When I’m on the mic.

Since I had daughter It’s been more blessings Guess that colored figure Got her mom stressing King moved Please forgive me On to better things Last last what I’m singing Till I fall asleep.

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