Chile 84 ft.Vinchenzo – Jele Video

Chile 84 ft.Vinchenzo – Jele Video

Zambian music enthusiasts are in for a treat as talented singer Chile 84 unveils the vibrant visuals for his latest single “Jele,” featuring fellow label mate Vinchenzo

Produced by the skilled hands of Sennymax, “Jele” exudes a lively energy that perfectly complements the collaborative efforts of Chile and Vinchenzo. Their synergy on the track is undeniable, and their individual musical talents shine through.

The music video for “Jele,” directed by Geo P, captures the essence of the song through its colorful visuals and captivating choreography. 

Chile and Vinchenzo‘s collaboration on “Jele” is a testament to the creative prowess of the Zambian music scene and its ability to produce chart-topping hits.

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