Stevo ft. Tiye P – Situation Pt 1- 4 (Breakdown)

Stevo ft. Tiye P – Situation Pt 1- 4 (Breakdown)

In a nostalgic and insightful interview, Stevo, the talented artist leading the Guru Nation movement, sat down with Tiye P to delve into the early days of his musical journey.

The discussion revolved around the highly acclaimed “Situation” series, which was initially released eight years ago during Stevo‘s time with XYZ Entertainments.

This year, in a much-anticipated return, Stevo continued the legacy with “Situation Pt 5 – 9,” garnering widespread acclaim and leaving fans yearning for more.

For this special occasion, Stevo decided to take a trip down memory lane, revisiting the inception of the “Situation” series.

To give his loyal supporters a behind-the-scenes glimpse and deeper understanding of the creative process behind the original saga, he invited fellow artist Tiye P to the studio as the representative of the fans. 

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