Davido Features In Coming 2 America

Davido Features In Coming 2 America

An afrobeat artiste appearing in a renowned legendary movie Coming 2 America is a great feat for the culture.

There is a wide margin in just delivering a soundtrack and an absolute appearance as a cast with a live band, performing an afrobeat song in a movie of this magnitude, let’s summarize some of the practical effects and influences on the afrobeat culture, as Davido features in Coming 2 America.

David Adedeji Adeleke popularly known as Davido is a profound new generation pioneer and a forerunner of the Afrobeat movement

Davido performing in Coming 2 America blockbuster

It has been more than 3 decades since the premiere of the cherished classic comedy Coming to America, an American comedy film that serves as a continuation to the original 1988 film starring Eddie Murphy, 33years ago.

However, this is a movie that held the key to childhood memories around the world, almost the whole world will like to watch it, especially with the range of the existing notoriety, the success of part one (1), and how the movie indirectly or perhaps directly promoting black community across the world.

Afrobeat has been gaining recognition and exposure globally for the past few years now, and this movement is a huge part of the reason the culture is prevailing.

Also, the buzz behind the movie Coming 2 America holds a remarkable place in the spotlight, as it will automatically shoot any single detail of art therein to designated limelight with a very wide PR range