Dizmo ft. Malaiti & Selemanyo – Judgement Day Video

Dizmo ft. Malaiti & Selemanyo – Judgement Day Video

Apa Ili So Entertainments has released a highly anticipated single titled “Judgement Day” by their rap sensation, Dizmo.

The song not only showcases Dizmo‘s lyrical prowess but also addresses deep themes of introspection and redemption.

In “Judgement Day,” Dizmo delves into the concept of divine judgment and accountability for one’s actions. The song’s narrative revolves around the artist’s plea to God, asking for forgiveness and mercy when the time comes for judgment and also not to publicly show his wrong doings to other people. 

Adding to the song’s emotional depth and impact, Dizmo collaborates with fellow artists Malaiti and Selemanyo

The production quality of “Judgement Day” is impeccable, thanks to the combined efforts of Mellar Beats and Electric Hands

The video was directed by by Sammie Dee and Kingson.

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