Habibah ft. Kimlaj – Inner Things Video

Rising Zambian songbird, Habibah is out with her latest single “Inner Things”

Habibah has been steadily making a name for herself in the Zambian music scene, and with “Inner Things,” she’s proving that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

This infectious tune is all about self-discovery and embracing the things that make us unique, and Habibah‘s powerful vocals and relatable lyrics will have you feeling empowered and inspired.

But it’s not just the song that’s impressive – the music video for “Inner Things” is a work of art in itself. The stunning visuals perfectly capture the mood and message of the song, and they’ll transport you to a world of self-discovery and introspection.

Habibah‘s collaboration with fellow Zambian artist Kimlaj only adds to the magic of “Inner Things.” Their voices blend seamlessly together, creating a powerful and uplifting anthem that is sure to become a fan favorite.

Overall, “Inner Things” is a testament to Habibah’s talent and dedication to creating music that speaks to her fans’ experiences. With her unique style and powerful voice, she’s definitely an artist to watch in the Zambian music scene and beyond. 

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