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Jay Lima Set to Drop Hot New Single ‘She Subtle’ Ft. Mikha’el

Jay Lima Set to Drop Hot New Single ‘She Subtle’ Featuring Mikha’el on May 31st, 2024

She Subtle” by Zambian rapper Jay Lima featuring Mikha’el will create waves with its infectious dance vibe and catchy lyrics.

Building on the success of his previous single “We Outside,” Jay Lima keeps the momentum going with this new release.

The collaboration with Olijba signed artist Mikha’el adds another layer of depth and flavor to the track. Mikha’el’s unique style complements Jay Lima’s flow, creating a synergy that enhances the overall musical experience.

The lyrics of “She Subtle” paint a vivid picture of a dancefloor anthem. Lines like “She subtle with the smile” and “She subtle with the waist when she wine” evoke images of a confident and alluring woman enjoying herself on the dance floor.

The combination of smooth vocals, rhythmic beats, and infectious melodies makes this song irresistible to anyone looking for a feel-good tune to groove to.

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