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Sky Dollar – Ndi Ma Bundles

Sky Dollar – Ndi Ma Bundles Mp3

Emerging onto the Zambian music scene with vigor, budding rapper Sky Dollar has once again graced his audience with a new release titled “Ndi Ma Bundles.”

Following the success of his previous track “Chisunga Ulupwa,” which featured Boy Kay, Sky Dollar‘s latest offering showcases his continued growth and dedication to his craft.

The song is a reflection of the evolving Zambian hip-hop scene, where artists like Sky Dollar are making their mark with their unique style and authentic storytelling.

The song revolves around the theme of hustle and ambition, as  Dollar emphasizes the importance of working hard to achieve success. The title “Ndi Ma Bundles” itself signifies the pursuit of financial growth and empowerment.

Produced by Marcos Beats, the song’s instrumental is a fusion of contemporary beats and elements that resonate with both traditional and modern hip-hop influences

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