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Towela Kaira has expressed disappointment to the public for the way they have reacted towards Mwizukanji.

In a Facebook post on her page she writes;“Leave mwizukanji alone!!!!! It’s one thing to go through a heart break but it’s another thing to almost get married to someone and see it all fall apart .. that was the man she was about to start a life with.. she still has to raise his daughter despite everything..give her a bloody this how evil we treat each other?the only person who is ever trapped by a pregnancy is the woman not the man coz 8 out of 10 times she takes most of the responsibility..

so enough with that three weeks nonsense.. they both decided to keep the baby willingly so no one was trapped!! Yo maps never said he was trapped. No woman would also wanna get pregnant that soon! But the fact that he met her parents gave her assurance that it was safe to have the baby with him despite it having been so soon…

STOP INSULTING HER PLEASE!!! BE MERCIFUL WITH YOUR WORDS 😓😓 She made her mistakes and am sure she regrets but we need to show each other love in times like this.. be kind.PLEASE LET HER GRIEVE HER BROKEN HEART IN PEACE 😔..You have really broken her spirit..lets be better”

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