Yo Maps Ft. Tay Grin – So Mone Video

Yo Maps ft. Tay Grin- So Mone Video

Renowned Zambian singer Yo Maps has once again poured his heart into music, unveiling the visuals for his latest single titled “So Mone.”

This emotionally charged song narrates a tale of heartbreak and the consequences of choosing immediate gratification over a promising future.

“So Mone” tells the story of a man who opens up about being left by his significant other for someone portrayed on television. The narrative unfolds as the protagonist reflects on the choices made, emphasizing the irony of the lady leaving a man with a clear vision for someone lacking a promising future.

Teaming up with Malawian artist Tay Grin, Yo Maps adds a cross-border musical flair to the track, enhancing its emotional depth and resonance. The collaboration showcases the seamless blend of their vocal styles, creating a memorable listening experience for fans across borders.

The accompanying visuals, undoubtedly brought to life with Yo Maps’ signature storytelling approach, serve as a poignant visual representation of the So Mone narrative.

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