Chanda Mbao ft. Skales, Jay Rox, Scott – The Final Wave

Award-winning Zambian Hip-Hop extraordinaire has announced the release of the final chapter of what is arguably the biggest Hip-Hop/Trap song to come out of the country. The song is dubbed ‘The Final Wave’ and features Skales, Jay Rox and Scott—while the instrumental was put together by young Zambian maestro Chase Iyan. In what represents a trilogy of releases, the journey began in February 2017 with the audio release of ‘Wave’ featuring Scott, which was a surprise release as a thank you to fans for voting them to their first award win.

During a fortuitous meeting at an event performance, Nigerian artist Skales heard the song ‘Wave’ and requested to be a part of the record to represent for Nigeria. Thus, ‘The Final Wave’was born. Bringing together the best of Zambia and Nigeria, this record marks a fitting final scene in the trilogy, which is poised to cement the song’s legacy in Zambian history. Not only did the song cross borders, it also changed the way a remix was rolled out and the lifespan of a song and its subsequent remixes.  

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