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Crispy Malawi – Tape II Album

Crispy Malawi – Tape II Album

Malawian rapper Crispy Malawi has made a significant impact on the music scene with the release of his latest album, “Tape II.” This extensive project provides a deep dive into Malawi’s hip-hop scene, offering listeners a rich and diverse collection of tracks, each reflecting Crispy’s lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities.

“Tape II” is a mammoth 24-track album with a runtime of 68 minutes, and it serves as a testament to Crispy’s dedication to creating meaningful and impactful music.

The project explores various themes, from life experiences and struggles to reflections on the artist’s journey in the world of hip-hop.

One of the notable aspects of this album is the impressive lineup of features that Crispy has enlisted. Collaborating with fellow Malawian artists, including Mario Bros Mw, Krazie G, Virus Infectious, T-kas, Brainlock Jeff Nyimbo, Ace Dirty, Brainlock Fam, 6TH MW, and more, has allowed Crispy to bring a diverse array of voices and styles to the album.

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