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My House Is Ten Times The Price Of Cru Cru – Yo Maps

Yo Maps Laughs Off ACC Accusations That He Bought Cru Cru With Dirty Money

Several sources have confirmed that the top selling Zambian artist Yo Maps is under the radar of ACC over the Cru Cru.

The Cru Cru as made popularized by the singer as short for Cruiser, became national news after the young artist added it to his collection.

However, this caught the eye of the Anticorruption Commission (Acc). This came to light after a whistle blower reviewed that indeed Yo Maps was under investigations over the said car.

According to this source, the money Yo Maps earns from gigs, features and passive income over streams and views does not add up to buy the VX.

Despite the serious implications, the popular musician Yo Maps responded to the allegations with amusement, dismissing the severity of the matter.

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