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Nalitumpa Hitting 1 Million Views In 2 Weeks

Nalitumpa Hitting 1 Million Views In 2 Weeks

Congratulations are in order for Nalitumpa on Hitting 1 Million Views in just 2 Weeks.

Nalitumpa is a song by 4 Na 5 rap duo who featured Slapdee. The video which was released in just 2 Weeks ago, is Hitting 1 Million Views. This is a major milestone for the crew.

This news has cheered their fans who rally them behind & giving them their never-ending support. It is also good for the industry as it is a sign that music is selling out there.

Hitting 1 Million Views is not for just any other artist, if 1 does, it means they have earned it with sweat & blood.

With that, we congratulate 4 Na 5 for Hitting 1 Million Views In 2 Weeks.

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