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Neo Slayer Speaks Out On Controversial Kwacha Music Awards

Neo Slayer Opens Up About Not Winning Any Kwacha Music Award Since 2018

Neo Slayer has finally come out to air his views on Kwacha Music Award which has sparked some controversy since it’s inception. 

Despite his dedication and hard work, the singer expressed his shock and disappointment at not receiving any accolades at the prestigious event.

The prestigious Awards, organized by Sun FM radio, have a history of facing criticism from both fans and musicians. Complaints typically revolve around issues related to the event’s organization and fairness, with some artists even opting to boycott the awards.

Despite his initial disappointment, Neo Slayer was quick to emphasize that he holds no grudges against the awards organizers. He later clarified with DJ Pressure T that all is well between him and the event’s management. While the outcome of the 2023 Kwacha Music Awards may have been disheartening for the Slayer, he seems ready to move past it and continue his musical journey with a positive outlook.

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