Artist Spotlight, Multi-talented singer , songwriter & dancer – Habibah

Birth Names: Hamidah Nasser Kabwe

Date of Birth: 17th of December 1999.

Label: Unsigned

Are we witnessing the birth of a new queen? In the time and era where every new female upcoming artist is claiming to be one, Habibah is no exception. She’s new, she’s fresh, she’s voice, and she’s the new wave! The new song bird Habibah or habibaH whichever way you read the name, right to left, left to right the pronunciation is the same, that means Habibah is on fire and won’t change!

Hamidah Nasser Kabwe is a Zambian upcoming artist born on the 17th of December 1999, obviously in her prime years! Habibah through a short period of time has tremendously developed the love of music which has pushed her in the studio. The result is felt in the energy she’s putting out, the sweet voice and melodic as the nightingale singing bird, which literally makes it hard to throw her record in the trash.

Connect with Habibah

Facebook:Hamidah k Nasser


Instagram :Habibahzambia

Habibah started her music career in 2019 and has recorded 3 songs  so far, which makes it a “hard to believe” because of the styles she has and the diversity in genres, from a rapper that can do suaves on the trap beat and jump on the dancehall instrumentals and still roll smoothly.  She’s surely destined to drive the scene. Needless to say she’s a dancer, and as we await her first music video, for the song Mood, it’s a done deal we are going to see some lots of choreography in her works.

Habibah has been recording at Earphonic studio and Scorpio X as her producer, we can clearly see that there’s more to come as the new queen seems promising on the scene. Mood was her first single and Habibah has reviewed to Zed Scoop that the song is all about having fun.  And in our case she did a great job for a first record. The song will put you in the mood and make you move a little because the sound of that song will you start thinking that she’s starting her own genre. She has featured fellow upcoming artist like; D-Break, TMP, Scorpio X (her producer) and Lord Indi.

Habibah has also reviewed to that she’s looking forward to work with big artists like Daev, Roberto and the ‘’ lyrical Joe mbuzi… numero uno rapper of the moment Chef 187!!! For now we can only cross our fingers and wait to see how that will work out. This song bird will surely continue to bless us with her great works and no doubt will see her feature one of these big artists in no time!

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