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Get to Know rapper ‘JAY LIMA’ Biography

Joseph Lima, born on the 8th of April, getting into the rap game during his primary school years. Battling school mates and winning recognition, made him realise he could be making Music as a career.

Jay Lima’s musical career commenced in 2011 when he worked on a song called “Fresh and Clean”, produced by Brazyo at Bang Bang Media, getting him identified by his fellow artists as a rising star.

His debut Single bearing the same name was a commercial disappointment but earned Lima decent radio play, generating a buzz for himself in the underground music circles.

His follow up effort entitled “Around You” was engineered by Jay B Walter at Traverse Music, the young rising talent of Jay Lima with his rhythmic sound, started rising to national stardom.

Moving from strength to strength in 2018, Lima released his first studio project entitled SIMPLICITY which he conceptualised as “Living a simple Life” with 9 hit songs with features such as, Kas-Lee, Benny Bankx, Binyo, Backspace, Stepholic, JB Jones, KidofTheYear, Dabo D, Don Chichi & B’Chillz under the production of Trap the Mixguru/Day Zulu of Double Locked Media.

With overwhelming response from fans, radio playbacks included “Party Tonight”, “Simplicity” and “Shining.” The project is uniquely different as Jay Lima uses it to showcase his own Lyric-writing skills.

Jay Lima’s strength approach to music is set in a unique ear to the listener, an understanding of the listening public’s tastes, using his song writing to emphasize the need to use music not just as entertainment, but also as a way of communicating to the connected people,sharing experiences and uniting Africa.

With the ability to compose a sung hook, a strong 16 bar rap verse or a melodic bridge, this triple threat of songwriting, singing and rapping certainly makes Lima a star for many years to come in Zambian/African music.

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