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Slapdee – Black Na White 3

Slapdee – Black Na White 3 Will Be A Record Breaker

Multi talented award winning Zambian rapper Slapdee has set course for his new upcoming album Black Na White 3 sequel which has already been a success, but with a new trajectory to break new records

Mwila Musonda, better known as Slapdee. This multi-talented artist has been a trailblazer in the Zambian music scene for years, transcending linguistic boundaries and earning the coveted title of the “King of Zed Hip Hop.” Now, with his upcoming album. Slapdee is gearing up to not just break records but to set new standards for the industry.

Slapdee‘s musical journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. His ability to rap in more than one language has earned him the title as the King of Zed Hip Hop. This ability also allows him to connect with diverse fan base, a thing that will give Black Na White 3 an advantage

Black Na White 3” is the highly anticipated sequel to Slapdee’s previous successes, “Black Na White 1” and “Black Na White 2.” These albums have already showcased Slapdee’s prowess as an ace hit-maker, but the third installment promises to be even grander and more groundbreaking.

The other exciting news about this new album is the fact that the rapper has teased to have featured names like: Chile One Mrzambia, Yo Maps & Mordecaii

As we eagerly await the release of “Black Na White 3,” we can definitely hope & have the surety that the king will deliver to our expectations as usual.

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