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Esther Chungu & Pompi Unveil Heartfelt Gender Reveal Video

Esther Chungu & Pompi Unveil Heartfelt Gender Reveal Video

Esther Chungu and Pompi recently shared a heartwarming moment with their fans as they unveiled the gender of their first child in a beautiful video.

Following a cherished tradition, the couple organized a private gender reveal celebration at a undisclosed location.

In a heartfelt display of love and anticipation, Esther Chungu and Pompi came together to celebrate this special milestone in their journey as expectant parents. 

The couple’s decision to capture the gender reveal on video speaks to their desire to share this momentous occasion with their fans and followers. 

With the reveal that they are expecting a baby boy, the couple’s happiness is palpable. 

With this heartfelt video, Esther and Pompi have allowed their fans to celebrate with them and have given a glimpse into the love and joy that will undoubtedly fill their lives as they embark on this new adventure as parents

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